Which Stores Sell Propane Water Heater Parts?

Which Stores Sell Propane Water Heater Parts?

The Home Depot, True Value Hardware and Menards sell parts for propane water heaters. While homeowners find it easy to replace a thermocouple or vent pipe supply line on older models, as of 2015, many newer propane water heaters have sealed combustion chambers and parts that are difficult to find.

In most areas, the cost for a service call to repair a water heater ranges from $100 to $150. Older models without sealed air vents or digital controls are the simplest types for the homeowner to repair. Finding parts and making repairs saves the homeowner money.

When installing water heaters, homeowners have the option of a tank water heater or a tankless model. In the United States, the tank units are the most common. They are also generally easier to repair.

The thermocouple detects heat from the pilot light. If there is no heat, propane flow to the burner stops and the water remains cold. Thermocouples with standard right-handed threads are available at stores that sell water heater parts. Replacing a defective thermocouple restores the hot water to the home.

When the storage tank of a water heater begins to leak, it is not repairable. The leaks eventually grow larger and have the potential to flood the home. Replacing the tank quickly prevents disasters.