What Are Some Stores That Sell Plastic Wreath Boxes?

What Are Some Stores That Sell Plastic Wreath Boxes?

Plastic wreath boxes are available at SpaceSavers.com and StacksandStacks.com. SpaceSavers.com features a variety of wreath storage options that include clear containers, a zippered canvas storage bag and a 24-inch plastic nesting case. The boxes are constructed with polypropylene plastic that protects wreaths from dirt, grime, insects and dust.

The containers are moisture and water-resistant. Some have handles that make them easy to store and transport. The wreath boxes are stackable, with a mounting pole built in the back, which enables a user to hang them in a closet, basement or on an attic wall.

SpaceSavers.com also features a comprehensive selection of storage and organizing containers and products for the kitchen, office, garage, bath and closet. Site visitors can access storage boxes, baskets, crates, drawers and toy bins. This site also has a wide variety of storage and container options for crafts and seasonal items.

StacksandStacks.com offers a plastic wreath container with six latches to keep wreaths safe and free from dust and mold. The container is transparent for easy viewing and quick identification. It can hold and store wreaths that are 24 to 30-inches in diameter.

StacksandStacks.com has over 25,000 storage and household items as of 2016, many with free shipping. Items include bike racks and storage systems, kids’ closet organizers, garment bags, luggage racks and jewelry organizers. Site visitors to StacksandStacks.com can access general storage tips, laundry room tips and wine and firewood storage information.