What Stores Sell Parts for Cast Iron Gas Heaters?

What Stores Sell Parts for Cast Iron Gas Heaters?

Generally, stores that sell cast iron gas heaters also sell or can order the parts for the specific models they carry, but there are not specific stores that carry parts for all brands. Some manufacturers, such as Comfort Glow, provide a website link to an authorized parts dealer online.

Regency and Jotul, two manufacturers of cast iron gas heaters, both let customers locate local dealers using an online tool. The user can input a ZIP code and get a list of nearby dealers.

Some parts or accessories come standard with specific models of cast iron gas heater, so customers may not need to purchase these parts separately. For example, all Jotul gas heaters come with a fuel conversion kit that allows users to adapt the heater to work with propane instead of natural gas.

Many companies that manufacture cast iron stoves offer warranties on their products, so customers with a valid warranty may opt to have a heater repaired by an authorized technician at no cost instead of locating the parts and completing a repair at home. Regency provides a lifetime warranty, for example, and the company recommends that customers have their units inspected annually.

Finding spare parts for discontinued models can be more problematic than finding parts for current models. Jotul continues to produce parts for discontinued models for 10 years, but parts for older models may still be available through sellers that deal in used parts.