How Do You Find Stores That Sell Krud Kutter?

Rust-Oleum, the manufacturer of Krud Kutter, has a store locating tool on their website. The website also offers assistance for making special orders from several different hardware stores.

From, click on Find a Store. Then enter a ZIP code to see a list of stores in the area that carry Rust-Oleum products. Use the contact information provided to verify that a store has Krud Kutter products. If a store does not carry the desired product, navigate back to the Store Locator page. Click on Special Order Assistance, choose a store from the list, print out the PDF form, and take it to the customer service department of the chosen store to special order a Krud Kutter product .

Rust-Oleum's Krud Kutter brand contains six categories of products: general cleaners, outdoor cleaners and concentrates, automotive cleaners, paint preparation products, rust removal products and specialty cleaners. Krud Kutter offers cleaners for a variety of surfaces, from heavy duty building materials, like brick, concrete, and metal, to more delicate materials, like porcelain, wicker, and fabric. Many of Krud Kutter's products are water-based and biodegradable. The brand claims to remove hard-to-clean stains, such as crayon, oil, dried latex paint, wax and permanent marker.