What Stores Sell Heavy-Duty Hinges?


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The Home Depot and Tractor Supply Company sell heavy-duty hinges as of 2015. Additionally, find the parts on online retail markets such as Amazon.com and eBay.

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Heavy-duty hinges are designed to allow doors, gates and other furniture to have mobility, regardless of the height and weight of the structures. Heavy duty hinges are particularly useful when doors or gates are heavier than average or when heavy pieces of furniture need to be repaired or altered.

Heavy-duty hinges are different depending on whether they are made for doors, gates or other furniture (such as shelves or cabinets), and they come in a variety of brands and forms. Gate hinge types include welding hinges, pivot hinges, strap hinges, butt hinges and tee hinges. Door hinge types include ball-bearing butt hinges, wide throw hinges, strap hinges, floor hinges and concealed hinges. Surface-mounted hinges, pivot hinges, lift-off hinges and loose-joint hinges are all types of furniture hinges.

Though heavy duty hinges often cost between $10 and $40 as of 2015, prices can sometimes reach into the hundreds. Since there are so many different types of hinges, it is important to know which type of hinge is needed before making a purchase. Customer service representatives usually can answer these types of questions.

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