How Do You Find Stores That Sell Gypsum?


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Lowe's and The Home Depot offer gypsum products for lawn and garden use and gypsum products for construction. USA Gypsum sells bagged gypsum and gypsum products for lawn, industrial and agricultural use. Amazon.com carries Espoma's Organic Traditions garden gypsum.

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Lowe's carries bags of Sta-Green brand-name gypsum for home lawns and gardens. The company also carries drywall panels in 3/8-, 5/8- and 1/2-inch thicknesses from American Gypsum, Gold Bond, Continental Building Products and EagleRoc. Lowe's offers SHEETROCK brand-name drywall panels, pre-mixed all-purpose drywall joint compound and pre-mixed finishing joint compound. Lowe's also sells dry and pre-mixed, lightweight drywall joint compound and drywall repair kits.

The Home Depot sells plain gypsum as well as a fast-acting gypsum fertilizer product for lawn and garden use. The company also carries a large selection of drywall panels, including common, fire-resistant, water-repellent and mold-resistant panels. The Home Depot offers plaster of Paris dry mix and small drywall patching panels as well.

USA Gypsum recycles scrap drywall products from the manufactured housing, construction and demolition industries to produce granular gypsum, gypsum pellets, pulverized gypsum and ultra-fine gypsum. The company delivers gypsum compost and soil to farms and businesses, and it sells gypsum animal bedding, horse bedding additive and poultry litter additive as well. Industrial customers use gypsum for concrete products, road repair material, erosion control and tooling, as well as ceramics, glass manufacturing and Marcellus drill stabilization. USA Gypsum owns facilities in Pennsylvania.

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