What Stores Sell Glass Cooktop Replacement Parts?

What Stores Sell Glass Cooktop Replacement Parts?

Several online stores carry glass cooktop replacement parts for electric ranges, including Partstore.com, Appliancepartpros.com and Repair Clinic. Replacement cooktops for Whirlpool brand stoves can be found at Appliancepartpros and Partstore.com. Repair Clinic carries a replacement glass main top for the Frigidaire electric range.

Replacement of a glass cooktop is usually necessary when the original cooktop is damaged. Glass cooktops require a smooth cooking surface for proper heat distribution. Cooking on the damaged glass is not advisable. Range owners must order a replacement approved by the manufacturer.

Replacing a glass cooktop requires a thorough understanding of each repair step. This type of repair involves having the right kind of tools and safety equipment, as recommended in the repair guide.

The first step in replacing a glass cooktop is unplugging the range, or turning off the circuit breaker that provides it with power. The top of the range must be lifted off according to the manufacturer's instructions. It may be necessary to unplug the wires attached to the cooktop in order to remove it. After the old cooktop is removed, it must be discarded in a safe manner.

The replacement glass cooktop must be positioned on the range so that the hinges are engaged. The support bracket and radiant elements must be secured tightly to the cooktop. Once the cooktop is in place, power can be restored to the range.