What Stores Sell Ferrellgas Propane?

What Stores Sell Ferrellgas Propane?

A network of independent Ferrellgas owner-distributors sells propane across all 50 states. These distributors deliver propane to businesses, homes and farms. Blue Rhino, a subsidiary of Ferrellgas operates a tank exchange program through retail outlets, including Walgreens and Lowe’s.

Propane is a byproduct of refining crude oil and natural gas. Once it is refined, it is stored as a liquid under pressure. In the home, propane provides fuel for heating and cooling. Tanks have a regulator that reduces the pressure so the liquid becomes a gas before use.

In homes, propane is a fuel for heating and cooking. Propane water heaters provide warm showers for the family. Since propane is an odorless gas, manufacturers add an odorant during the refining process. The rotten egg smell alerts users to possible propane leaks.

Businesses use propane for similar purposes but also use it as a clean burning fuel for trucks and forklifts. It creates fewer greenhouse gases than other petroleum fuels. Farmers use propane to operate machinery such as irrigation pumps, tractors and grain dryers. It provides fuel for backup generators that provide power when electric lines are down.

Consumers use propane from portable tanks for gas barbecues and camping. They have the choice of taking the empty gas cylinders back for filling or exchanging them through programs like those offered through Blue Rhino.