What Stores Sell Faultless Starch Powder?


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Faultless powdered starch is available in bulk form for use by commercial laundry operations from the manufacturer's approved distributors. The Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Powder Company also makes the powdered form available in bulk online at FabriCleanSupply.com and GarlandSupply.com.

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Faultless starch is manufactured for consumers in liquid, trigger spray and aerosol spray forms. To find retailers who carry these products in your area, use the "Store Locator" tool at Info.Faultless.com. The liquid and spray forms are also available for purchase online at AgeLong.com, the manufacturer's retail outlet.

The Faultless Starch Company was founded in the late 1890s, and for fifty years, its only product was a very popular dry laundry starch. In 1960, the company introduced an aerosol spray starch that eclipsed the popularity of the dry powder because it was easier to use.

In the 1970s, advances in fabric technology began to make starching less popular when consumers started using polyester and other wrinkle-free fabrics. The company then branched out to manufacturing other products. It acquired the Bon Ami Company, a manufacturer of cleaning products, and the Magic Sizing brand. The company began exporting its starch products overseas in the 1980s and also found a large market in the military.

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