Which Stores Sell the Empyre Wood Boiler?


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The only place Empyre wood boilers can be bought as of 2015 is from an authorized dealer. Pro-Fab Industries, the company that manufactures Empyre wood boilers, has a contact form that can be used to find more information about local dealers or to get answers to any questions.

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The Emypre Elite and Empyre Elite XT are two of the wood gasification boilers produced by Pro-Fab Industries. The Empyre Elite is an indoor wood boiler, while the large Emypre Elite XL is meant to be installed outdoors. Both products burn firewood to create heat, which is then used to heat up water for use in radiators or other similar heating systems.

In addition to the two models of Empyre Elite wood boilers, Pro-Fab Industries also produces the Empyre and Empyre Pro Series of hot water outdoor furnaces as well as the Cozeburn hot water outdoor furnace. The Empyre hot water outdoor furnace was originally designed to burn cordwood, but customers can upgrade it with the Pro-Stoker to allow it to burn corn, wood pellets, coal or other biomass fuels.

Pro-Fab industries also manufactures the Pelco hot water boiler, which uses energy efficient and clean burning solid biomass fuel to create hot water for radiant heating and/or domestic hot water.

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