What Stores Sell Easy-to-Build Cabin Kits?

What Stores Sell Easy-to-Build Cabin Kits?

Some stores that sell easy-to-build cabin kits include ConestogaLogCabins.com and BrayLog.com. Both of these retailers provide kits to make a completed cabin, and both send freight to customer locations.

At ConestogaLogCabins.com, there are bathhouses, bunk houses, multi-purpose houses and resort log cabins to build from kits. This retailer has sold cabin kits to more than 300 different campgrounds worldwide. Its kits include logs that are as long as 28 feet to ensure that there are as few log joints as possible.

The kits feature up to two bedrooms and have full bathrooms. They are as small as 200 square feet and as large as 1,000 square feet. This company also makes wooden furniture that fits seamlessly with the cabins.

BrayLog.com offers log cabin kits that include the pieces to build a finished product. The cabin kit has a single bedroom with an attached bathroom, a small galley kitchen and space for a living room area. It features a covered front porch and a loft area. This cabin can include a cathedral ceiling for more space. The wood comes from Cedar trees and Douglas fir trees.

All the required hardware to complete the cabin is included in the kit and shipped with the other materials. This company offers a cafeteria system so that a person doesn't have to buy the entire kit but can purchase only what is needed.