What Stores Sell Decorative Metal Wall Letters?

What Stores Sell Decorative Metal Wall Letters?

CraftCuts.com and MetalLetters.com sell decorative metal wall letters. Other vendors include The Land of Nod and Pottery Barn. These retailers also sell a wide variety of other wall art and decorations.

CraftCuts.com sells several types of metal wall letters in charcoal patina, green patina, flat matte, galvanized steel and lighted marquee styles. Customers may specify the font, letter size and the number of drilled mounting holes. CraftCuts.com also sells elaborate framed single- and triple-letter metal monograms.

MetalLetters.com offers copper, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and fabricated gold titanium letters. Customers may choose the size, font, metal thickness and finish. MetalLetters.com also offers customized hanging templates to ensure proper installation.

Pottery Barn sells individual plain iron letters and letters with integrated coat hooks. The plain letters are available in flat silver and rust-colored finishes. Another style features a coat hook at the bottom of each letter. These have a have a flat bronze finish.

The Land of Nod sells Magnificent Metal Letters, a line of large black metal letters and numbers inspired by vintage marquee lights. Each letter has a flat back with a hanging hook and a 2 3/4-inch recessed interior that doubles as a shelf for small items. The letters come with mounting hardware and instructions.