What Stores Sell Craftsman Carburetors for Lawnmowers?


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Craftsman lawn mower carburetors are available at Sears. However, because Craftsman uses motors from other manufacturers, including Tecumseh and Briggs and Stratton, carburetors are available in many stores that carry small engine parts, including Repair Clinic.

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Carburetor problems are common causes of issues with small engines. The buildup of gasoline deposits, varnish and other debris in the carburetor blocks the flow of fuel through the orifices. Sometimes the owner needs to perform simple maintenance to clean the carburetor for easier starting and smoother operation of the engine. At other times, the carburetor requires rebuilding or replacement.

Cleaning the carburetor is easy with a spray carburetor cleaner available at automotive parts stores. The cleaner dissolves deposits, and compressed air helps to remove other debris. After cleaning, the unit sometimes requires adjustment for the engine to operate at its best.

When carburetors become extremely dirty, they may require deeper cleaning than the spray cleaner can accomplish. At this point, the owner has the choice of rebuilding the carburetor himself, paying a small engine repair shop to clean it or replacing the unit. Both cleaning and replacing the unit involve removing it from the mower. Rebuild kits are available in most locations that sell lawn mower carburetors. Once the mower has a clean carburetor, providing regular maintenance with the spray cleaner helps to prevent having to replace it again.

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