Which Stores Sell Cordless Tea Kettles?


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Cordless teakettles are available at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Best Buy and Target. The provide hot water without boiling dry. These cordless units lift off their base for easy pouring.

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Most cordless teakettles have a thermostat that turns off the power once they reach the set temperature. Some cordless teakettles offer more than one temperature setting. Many also have a sensor that detects the water level and shuts off before boiling dry. They offer a brisk boil for standard teas, but a lower temperature for more delicate green teas. Kettles with a keep warm setting turn the heating element back on periodically to maintain the set temperature.

Options for cordless kettles include metal, glass and plastic. While plastic offers a lighter pot, some users prefer the more inert metal or glass pots. Pot shape is also important. Cordless kettles shaped like a traditional stove top model are more difficult to pour as users must lift them higher.

For the best tasting cup of tea, users should fill the pot with fresh water and bring it to the ideal temperature for the type of tea they are brewing and preheat the teapot. Tea develops a fuller flavor when the user pours the water over the leaves rather than sprinkling them on top of the hot water or dipping the teabag into the pot.

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