What Stores Sell Apple Tree Spray for Worms?


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Stores that sell apple tree spray for worms include home improvement stores such as Lowe's and The Home Depot. Stores, such as Tractor Supply Co, that focus on farming and livestock items may also sell apple tree spray.

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A popular apple tree spray for worms is Bonide's Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate. Depending on the place of purchase, it retails for around $15 to $20. The concentrated formula is mixed with water and can treat a 1,000-square-foot area. It can be used on all fruit trees, as well as evergreens and ornamentals, and it helps control fungus, disease and various types of insects.

To protect apples from worms, apply plastic bags around them as they develop. Clear any fallen branches or apples from around the tree, and pick and dispose of apples with worms as soon as possible to discourage the spread of larvae. Remove any cocoons found on the tree; they usually form beneath loose bark and in the crevices of stems and branches. Apply apple tree spray to the entire tree, concentrating on the underside of the leaves and the length of the branches, as larvae must crawl the distance of the branch to reach and infect the apples. Also, treat the ground surrounding the tree.

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