What Stores Sell Air Scrubber Plus?


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Blue Dot HVAC, Air Today HVAC, ARS HVAC and Apollo HVAC are stores that sell Air Scrubber Plus. Air Scrubber Plus is a system designed to increase indoor air quality by reducing air pollutants.

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Installation of Air Scrubber Plus is done by a professional heating and cooling technician. Homeowners, therefore, need to schedule an appointment with an HVAC company to have it installed. To request an appointment with Blue Dot, proceed to its website and fill out an information form, or otherwise, call its offices to inquire about the service.

Established in 1980, Apollo HVAC provides customers with various heating and air conditioning services. Visit callapollo.com to learn about its special offers and also schedule an appointment. ARS HVAC is an American company that provides indoor air quality and HVAC services. To book an Air Scrubber Plus service appointment, visit its website at arsofvirginia.com.

During the installation, a 4-inch square cut is made to your existing duct work, and the Air Scrubber Plus is fixed directly above your HVAC's air handler. The unit is not visible inside your house, and no maintenance is required. A standard unit covers up to 2,000 square feet when operating. Upon installation, the unit begins operating immediately and consumes only 19 watts of power.

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