What Stores Offer Tea Cups in Bulk?

What Stores Offer Tea Cups in Bulk?

Tea cups can be purchased in bulk from Roses and Teacups, WebstaurantStore.com, and TeaCupGallery.com. EBay.com also has multiple listings for bulk tea cups on sale.

Roses and Teacups specializes in beautiful and traditional teacup designs for formal tea parties. Over 25 patterns are available, as of 2015. Matching tea pots, plates, and cream and sugar sets are available, too. Tea party accessories and tea related jewelry can also be purchased from Roses and Teacups.

WebstaurantStore.com focuses more on plain and simple tea cups. These cups are mainly for commercial restaurant use and can be purchased by the case. Additional discounts are offered on purchases of three or more cases.

TeaCupGallery.com provides FDA approved tea sets. These tea sets can be purchased by the case, and many pattern options are available. Tea accessories and tea sets made in England are available on TeaCupGallery.com.

Bulk tea cup sets are sold by various users on eBay. Buyers must place bids on certain tea sets, while others are sold at set prices. Different varieties are available, such as tea sets from England, Asian ceremonial tea cups, and cups made from fine china. Unique vintage tea sets can be found for sale on eBay as well.