What Stores Have Econoburn Wood Boilers?


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As of 2015, Econoburn wood boilers can be purchased only from local authorized dealers or directly from the Econoburn factory. The company offers a toll-free phone number customers can call to find the contact information for the nearest Econoburn authorized dealer.

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Econoburn produces a range of different sizes of indoor and outdoor boilers, all of which are wood fueled. The company claims that its wood-fueled boilers can help customers save considerable money versus using traditional gas or electric boilers, regardless of whether the home uses a traditional hot water radiator, radiant floor or forced air heating. The various models of Econoburn boilers are available in models that range from 100,000 to more than 500,000 British thermal units.

As of 2015, Econoburn produces eight models of indoor wood-fueled boilers and four models of outdoor boilers. Three of the indoor and two of the outdoor boilers meet the requirements to receive certification from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which means they can be used in jurisdictions and applications that require the use of ASME certified boilers. However, only the less powerful models meet these requirements, as Econoburn only offers ASME certified models in the three least powerful indoor and two least powerful outdoor models.

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