What Are Some Stores That Carry Vinyl Placemats?

Discount department stores such as Wal-Mart and Target carry vinyl placemats, as do regular department stores such as Macy's. Home supply stores, such as Bed Bath & Beyond, also carry vinyl placemats.

Wal-Mart has several styles of vinyl placemats available both in store and online, as of 2015. The placemats come from brands such as Kraftware, BelleVesta, and Better Homes and Gardens. The store offers sets ranging from four to 12 pieces as well as single placemats.

Target's placemats come in striped and checkered patterns as well as solid colors. The store mainly sells sets of four, though single placemats are available.

Macy's sells both modern and casual vinyl placemats. Chilewich makes the modern collection, which features abstract prints and bold colors. Its casual placemats are more organic-looking and feature earthy colors. Macy's also sells holiday placemats in vinyl.

Kohl's is another department store with vinyl placemats. Kohl's specializes in the Food Network brand and offers several sets of vinyl placemats in different colors and patterns, including circular cutout options. Kohl's also sells specialty vinyl placemats, such as those featuring Disney characters.

Some of the vinyl placemats available from Bed Bath and Beyond feature geometric shapes, while others simulate different materials, such as leather.