Which Stores Carry Scrapers to Clean Ceramic Stove Tops?

Which Stores Carry Scrapers to Clean Ceramic Stove Tops?

Stores that carry scrapers for ceramic cooktops include MidwestApplianceParts, EasyApplianceParts, Oliver's Outlet, OpenTip and Lowe's. As of March 2015, MidwestApplianceParts sells a Frigidaire brand neon mini scraper that has an Internet sales price of $2.25 plus shipping.

EasyApplianceParts stocks a Whirlpool manufactured appliance scraper that is designed for ceramic and glass cooktops. The scraper is designed with a retractable blade and is priced at $2.79 plus shipping. EasyApplianceParts.com provides customers with same day shipping and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Oliver's Outlet store sells a General Electric cooktop cleaner kit that includes a ceramic cooktop scraper and a bottle of Cerama Bryte for around $15. The kit is a factory genuine item and covered by a manufacturer's warranty as well. The kit usually ships within one to two business days.

OpenTip.com carries a Cerama Bryte scraper and pad combo that is priced at around $5. The website charges a $3 handling fee for all orders that are under $70.

The Frigidaire Cerama Bryte ceramic cooktop cleaning kit that is sold at Lowe's comes with a 10-ounce bottle of Cerama Bryte, a cleaning pad and a cooktop scraper for a little under $10. Lowes.com offers customers Lowe's truck delivery, parcel shipping through UPS or FedEx and free store-pick-up shipping options.