Which Stores Carry Replacement Parts for the Reddy Heater?

Reddy Parts, Robin Rents Equipment and Space Heater Parts all carry parts for Reddy heaters. Stores carry fans, switches, motors, valves and nozzles for many of the space heater models that blast air into open spaces such as garages and outdoor areas.

The Reddy Parts website contains a reference chart that lists parts available for more than 130 models. Major parts include the motor, ignition switch, fan, spark plug and filter kit. Other items listed on Reddy Parts are the nozzle, photo cell, flame-out control and rotor kit. The website's chart contains part numbers for every heater part the company sells. Reddy Parts ships items to the United States only.

Robin Rents Equipment requires a minimum order of $10 before shipping items to other places. This store touts itself as a parts carrier for forced kerosene and propane heaters made by Reddy. Parts available range from fuel caps and pump covers to fans, filter kits and fuel filters. Ignition control kits, motors and ignitors represent some of the most expensive parts on the website due to their complexity, as of March 2015.

Space Heater Parts specializes in fans, motors, nozzles and thermocouples for Reddy heaters. This store has a shopping cart for items that accumulate for a secure checkout procedure. Space Heater Parts sells heater parts for more than 150 brands, including those manufactured by Desa such as Reddy, Remington, Master and Knipco.