What Stores Carry Peerless Steam Boilers?

What Stores Carry Peerless Steam Boilers?

Peerless steam boilers can be purchased through Global Industrial, eComfort, SupplyHouse.com and Consumers Supply Company. As of March 2015, Global Industrial carries four different models of Peerless WBV series oil-fired steam boilers.

The Peerless boilers stocked by Global Industrial range in price from approximately $2,200 for a Peerless three-section WBV Series 124,000 BTU oil-fired steam boiler model number WBV-03SPL 3, to almost $3,000 for a Peerless four-section 179,000 BTU steam boiler with tankless coil. All of the Peerless boilers sold by Global Industrial are shipped free of charge.

The eComfort website features over 40 different models of Peerless steam boilers, including series 63, 64 and 211A. The units are priced between about $3,000 for a Peerless series 63 steam boiler to over $40,000 for a Peerless series 211A steam boiler. All of the steam boilers sold by eComfort are eligible for free shipping.

Supply House stocks 14 different types of the Peerless series 63 steam boilers that cost between appoximatley $2,400 and $4,200. The out-of-stock units requires seven to 10 days to ship, while the in-stock items are chipped within 24 to 48 hours.

The Consumers Supply Company sells four models of the series 63 Peerless steam boiler. Prices fall between about $2,300 and $3,200. All of the units sold by the Consumer Supply Company ship within two days.