Which Stores Carry the Lowboy Hot Water Heater?


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The Low Boy style water heater can be bought at many stores including Lowe's, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Sears. Low Boy water heaters can also be bought from various online retailers.

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The Low Boy water heater is an unconventional type of water heater compared to standard tank heaters. Low Boy water heaters are most used in situations where space and headroom are limited, because they can fit nearly anywhere, even awkward places a conventional upright water tank will never fit. Due to the Low Boy's low profile, one of these heaters can even fit under a counter top with ease, allowing it to be hidden almost anywhere. Capacity for a Low Boy ranges from as little as 19 gallons, to upwards of 50 gallons depending on the space available and the needs of the purchaser.

Brands that produce Low Boy style heaters include Whirlpool, Reliance, Rheem, Bradford White, and ProMax. Many Low Boy water heaters come with a six-year warranty, and most are considered to be energy efficient appliances. Retaining all the best features and power of a standard upright tank water heater, a Low Boy can keep up with almost any level of domestic demand while offering a more effective option for limited spaces.

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