What Are Some Stores That Carry Inexpensive Lampshades?

What Are Some Stores That Carry Inexpensive Lampshades?

As of June 2015, Wal-Mart and Bed Bath & Beyond carry a large number of lampshades online priced under $20. Some are also available at their local stores. Amazon.com offers several pages of shades for under $25.

All three sites allow sorting by price. Wal-Mart also permits users to refine their selections by in-store availability. Some of Amazon.com's shades are eligible for the company's Prime or free shipping programs. All stores display user reviews and ratings for many lampshades.

Inexpensive lampshades come in a range of shapes, such as drum, conical, bell, square and rectangular. Manufacturers offer shades in burlap, linen, plastic, leather and glass. Finishes include pleated, crinkled and frosted styles. Diameter sizes vary from 5 inches or less to 30 inches or more.

Lampshades should be one-third to one-half the height of the base of the lamp. The lamp's placement determines the ideal diameter of the lampshade; the larger the table, the larger the shade.

The shade's shape should match the room's decor. Drum shades work well with modern rooms, while traditional settings call for conical or bell shapes. The material of the shade partially determines the brightness of the lamp, as heavy fabrics allow less light to pass through them.