What Stores Carry GE Profile Water Dispensers?


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GE Profile water dispensers are available in stores such as Sears and Sam’s Club. Alternatively, these water dispensers are available for purchase online at Amazon.com. Individuals can visit GE's website to find a dealer of each specific model the company sells.

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The GE website provides the most comprehensive list of water dispensers available from the company. The website lists the full catalog of products, including discontinued models. The drawback is that there is no option for direct purchase of products. Instead, the website provides the consumer with a location for a store that reports the selected item as being in stock.

Amazon.com provides the opportunity for consumers to shop from home and enjoy home delivery of the GE Profile water dispense. New and used options are available, so staying within a particular budget is easier. Waiting for the delivery date is sometimes an issue. Not all sellers offer expedited delivery, and there may be a delay in shipping if a product is out of stock.

Sears and Sam’s Club are options if the consumer needs the water dispenser immediately. If the product is in stock, a simple trip to the store suffices. The trade-off, however, is that availability and options are limited. These stores carry many different brands, so consumers may find the selection of GE Profile water dispensers to be limited.

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