What Store Carries Used or Refurbished Appliances?


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Sears sells used and refurbished appliances through its Sears Outlet stores and website; it also sells new models with cosmetic damage such as scratches and dents. Locally and regionally owned used-appliance stores and direct sales through classifieds and websites such as Craigslist are other sources of used and refurbished appliances.

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Not all manufacturer outlets sell used or refurbished products. Whirlpool's factory outlet carries only new products in their original boxes, and they are discontinued or overstocked models. Samsung operates an online store for factory refurbished products, but this store does not sell appliances. Its focus is Samsung's consumer electronics products.

While discontinued or overstocked products are not used products, they are another way to receive a discount off the item's retail price. The scratch and dent sections of stores that sell new appliances are another source of discounted appliances. These models are returned products sold as new, floor models or items damaged in shipping, and are sold at a discount due to cosmetic damage.

Warranties vary on used and refurbished products. Sears Outlet offers a manufacturer's limited warranty on almost all of its products, including refurbished appliances. Samsung products are the exception to this policy; the products do not carry a warranty after the original box is opened. Customers should always check a used or refurbished product's warranty status with the seller.

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