What Store Carries Stove Top Covers?


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Stovetop covers are sold at many nationwide stores, including Sears, Walmart and Target. Online stores, such as Amazon.com and StoveTopper, typically stock a wider variety of decorative or functional product styles to accommodate electric and gas stoves.

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What Store Carries Stove Top Covers?
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Stovetop covers are available in large, rectangular sizes that conceal two or more burners and small, round sizes that fit individual burners. Both formats can keep mildly warm coils covered as they cool down to protect users from burns while also shielding the interiors of the burners from spills. Customers who need extra space for preparing food typically prefer to buy rectangular covers that fit over the entire stovetop. These models provide a temporary work surface when counters are limited and are often constructed with enough durability to function as a cutting board.

Depending on the type of heating element in the stove, compatible covers may be constructed from tough materials, such as metal, wood, ceramic and tempered glass. StoveTopper and other specialty stores produce custom covers, allowing customers to buy covers in irregular sizes and choose the material.

Many round burner covers are entirely decorative and aren't designed to stand up to heat or cutting utensils. While multipurpose covers are usually solid-colored and utilitarian in design, decorative covers offer the most aesthetic variety and feature images ranging from rustic still-life art to animal prints.

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