What Are Some Storage and Organization Ideas for the Bedroom?


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Extra bedroom storage is often available under the bed, in the closet and near the ceiling. Looking at these underutilized areas with creativity provides plenty of new storage opportunities. Rarely used items and out-of-season clothing can be stored in plastic storage bins in less accessible nooks. Developing a custom layout of rods, shelves and cubbies in the closet to meet specific needs maximizes space.

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Many companies sell drawers and storage bins designed to fit under the bed. This area is perfect for out-of-season clothing, luggage and special-occasion bags. Drawers on wheels are easy to pull and push into place, and adding a battery-operated light helps illuminate the under-bed space.

The traditional closet layout with a single rod and a shelf overhead leaves plenty of unused space. Changing to a double rod layout in half the closet for shirts and pants is a more effective use of space and still leaves an area to hang full-length items. Cubbies provide organization for shoes. Over-the-door shoe organizers work if closet space is minimal. Special hangers, such as tie racks, keep smaller items organized while saving space. Hooks on the closet walls keep belts and purses accessible and neat.

Tiny bedrooms with little floor space have extra storage available through height. A shelf run around the edge of the room about a foot under the ceiling is a great place for decorative items, colorful bins full of memorabilia, and rarely used special-occasion clothing and accessories. Tall narrow dressers and a storage headboard increase storage when floor space is minimal.

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