What Are Some Storage Ideas for Small Homes?

What Are Some Storage Ideas for Small Homes?

There are hundreds of ways to add storage in a small home including under the stairs, above toilets, in garages and more. Thinking creatively about empty space over and under existing cabinets or appliances can open up storage possibilities.

Aesthetically pleasing storage areas can be created by building window seats, outdoor benches and above-the-toilet storage areas. In the bedroom, storage areas can be constructed under the bed. Closet space can be maximized by using storage kits, shelves and poles from the local home improvement store. In the kitchen, dead space above kitchen cabinets can be enclosed to hide seldom used items.

Shelving can be added to corners and above windows. Organizing junk drawers allows for better storage and access. Drawers can be added under sinks and as a replacement for jumbled cabinets.

Bathroom clutter can be mitigated with over-the-tank shelving, as well as by installing shelves under the sink and over the bathtub.

Utilizing the space between the top of your car and the ceiling in the garage makes it possible to pull items off the floor of the garage; for instance, bicycles and surfboards can be easily hung from the ceiling. Garages also typically contain plenty of room for additional cabinets around the perimeter.