How do you stop woodpeckers from making holes?


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Removing trees, treating for pests that woodpeckers may be feeding on and providing birds with ready-made houses are all effective ways to discourage birds from making holes. Woodpeckers may create holes when foraging for insects, creating a cavity-nest or attempting to attract a mate. The Migratory Bird Act provides protection for many species of woodpeckers by making it illegal to injure or capture birds.

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Scaring birds that fail to respond to simple redirection techniques such as pest control and the addition of bright reflective objects to wooden surfaces is often very effective. Scare techniques may include using loud noises, recordings of bird alarm calls or devices that spray birds with water. Hanging windsocks or flags can also be useful as their random movements and fluttering noises may startle woodpeckers.

Cover wooden surfaces with foam or netting cloth in order to discourage woodpeckers from making holes. Placing plastic decoys shaped like owls, hawks and other predatory birds near areas of woodpecker activity may also keep woodpeckers from harming trees and wooden structures. In extreme circumstances, it may be necessary to contact local wildlife control offices in order to obtain professional assistance in dealing with woodpeckers and other pest birds that may be causing harm to homes and properties.

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