How Do You Stop Weeds From Growing in Flower Beds?


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Species of plants that grow in an unwanted area can be considered weeds, and stopping them from growing can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Items most often used to effectively stop weeds from growing in flower beds include a tiller, black plastic, mulch and herbicides.

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How Do You Stop Weeds From Growing in Flower Beds?
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  1. Till the area

    Break up the soil by tilling it with a mechanical tiller. This brings the weed seeds to the surface and kills them. If tilling cannot be done, cover the area with newspaper and mulch for several months. Remove visible weeds immediately.

  2. Lay down black plastic

    Lay black plastic over the flower bed. After the weeds are killed, remove the plastic and plant the flowers. Next, lay the plastic between the plants.

  3. Cover the flower bed with mulch

    Cover the area around the plants with 2 to 3 inches of mulch. Mulch blocks weed growth and retains water for the plant.

  4. Use herbicides

    Herbicides may be used to kill weeds. Spray the herbicide away from the plant, and don't water the plant for 24 hours. Never spray when the wind is blowing.

  5. Watch for weeds

    When weeds start growing, pull them up by hand. The longer the weed grows, the more it spreads. Tools can be used to remove weeds with deep roots that cannot be removed by hand.

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