How Do You Stop Rugs From Sliding on a Carpet?


Prevent rugs from sliding on a carpet by installing material on the bottom of the rug to increase the friction between the rug and the carpet. Clear silicone caulk, nonslip underpadding or shelf liner all serve this purpose.

Apply clear silicone caulk to the back side of the rug in beads that are spaced approximately 6 to 12 inches apart depending upon the size of the rug. Allow the caulk to dry completely before turning the rug over and placing it on the carpet.

Alternatively, cut a piece of nonslip underpadding or shelf liner slightly smaller than the area of the rug. Turn the rug over, and attach pieces of double-sided tape to the width of the rug. Stop the tape 2 inches from the edge of the rug. Leave the paper on the front side of the tape until you are ready to attach the underpadding or liner. Flip the rug over once the underpadding or liner is attached, positioning it on top of the carpet.

Rugs that slide over a carpet are an inconvenience and may result in injury. Constant sliding of the rug over the carpet also results in stretching of the rug, limiting the rug's durability over time.