How Do I Stop Rabbits From Eating My Plants?


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According to Gardener's Supply Company, there are many options for preventing rabbits from eating plants, including targeted coverage, repellents and fencing. One of the best ways to begin controlling the rabbit population is to begin thinking like a rabbit.

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It may be possible to lure rabbits away from the particular plants they are eating in favor of other plants. Rabbits enjoy foods such as alfalfa and clover, so planting a small patch of these plants in a home garden may keep the rabbits focused on these newer crops instead of other plants.

If only a particular crop or plant needs to be protected from rabbits, garden fabric can be used to protect the area. Use 3/4" mesh fencing, and anchor all four sides of the fabric for maximum protection. Alternatively, these same crops or plants can be sprayed with a repellent to deter rabbits from eating them. Popular repellents include garlic clips, garlic spray and predator urine. While repellents are useful for breaking the feeding cycle of the rabbits, a rabbit that has been eating a certain crop or plant for a while may not be deterred.

The final option for rabbit control is fencing. If they are the only real garden pest, two-foot high garden mesh fencing may be enough to keep them out. Keep in mind that fences go at least half a foot into the ground, so the minimum purchase for a 2-foot high fence is 3 feet of fencing.

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