How Do You Stop PVC Decking From Squeaking?


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To stop a PVC deck from squeaking, you need to find the area on the floor making the squeaking noise, insert a snap-off screw in the area, and drill it down into the joist. Doing so holds the previously loose deck boards firmly, preventing squeaks. Another method to stop the squeaking is to tack tar paper or roofing felt to the top of each floor joist using staples. The paper felt forms a cushion for the deck, stopping squeaks.

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Several factors cause PVC decks to squeak. Movement of the sub-structure, improperly installed deck boards, improperly secured deck boards, or loosening of the screws that fasten the deck boards often causes squeaking. Whatever the cause, the deck requires reinforcing at the floor joists to correct the problem. Tapping the deck floor gently with a hammer is a good method for locating the floor joists; a dull thud sound verifies the presence of a floor joist. To remedy the squeak, drill the deck and drive screws into the joists within the area making the squeak.

Drive the screws until they bottom out below the bridge. Experts recommend using snap-off screws when fixing floor squeaks because they do not remain visible on the floor’s surface.

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