How Do You Find Stoneware Replacements?


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The fastest and easiest way to find stoneware replacements is to identify the pattern of your set and use a dedicated pottery and china replacement company, such as Replacements Limited, to locate the necessary replacements for you. If you know the pattern name, Internet auction sites are also sometimes useful in finding stoneware replacements. While stoneware replacements are often less expensive from Internet auction sites, dedicated replacement companies keep thousands of patterns on hand and make finding the replacements you need simple and quick.

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The most important step when looking for stoneware replacements is identifying the pattern of your set. If you do not know the pattern, you have a few options for identifying the set. If you can identify the set's manufacturer, contact the company for information about its patterns. If the manufacturer is defunct or does not have information about older patterns, consider contacting a dedicated replacements company for information.

Replacements Limited, one of the largest pottery, glass and china replacement companies, offers a free pattern identification tool for its customers. Use the free pattern identifier by uploading an image of a complete item from your set to Replacement Limited's website. Include any relevant information, such as size, color and shape, that may be helpful in identifying your pattern. After receiving your information, an expert from Replacement Limited attempts to identify your pattern and provide you with information about replacements.

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