How Are Stink Bugs Removed?


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Stink bugs can be eliminated several ways, including sealing off entry points, turning off lights, eliminating food sources, ventilating attics and garages and vacuuming. As with many insects and pests, stink bugs can multiply rapidly once they have found their way into homes, offices and other spaces. Prevention is the best remedy to keep them from spreading, but once stink bugs arrive, homeowners can take several simple measures to remove them.

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When the weather turns cooler in the fall, stink bugs, like people, want to stay warm. They frequently enter homes when autumn arrives and seek out crevices and small spaces to stay through the winter. Stink bugs often travel in large groups and take shelter together. They enter structures in large groups, so sealing off entry points is an effective way of preventing more bugs from entering once some have arrived. This is accomplished by sealing and caulking siding and areas near utility pipes, chimneys and fascia. Replacing or repairing screens and windows prevents additional intruders and keeps resident bugs from escaping. Stink bugs can be swept or vacuumed as they die, but it is best to not squish them with fingers or shoes because they emit foul smells when killed in this manner.

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