How Do Stink Bugs Infest a House?


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Stink bugs infest a house by entering through cracks and small openings or voids, usually in the late summer, according to Orkin. The bugs enter homes at this time because they are seeking shelter from the winter months, when they become inactive.

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Key areas used by stink bugs to enter the home include cracks or other voids in the exterior of the home that are at least one-eighth inch wide. Vulnerable areas include caulking around doors and windows, vents and attic crawl spaces and torn window screens. Roof vents, gable vents and doors without door sweeps may also provide voids for stink bugs to enter through.

Once in the home, stink bugs often take refuge inside walls, in attics or in other quiet and undisturbed areas. Because they become inactive, and do not feed nor reproduce while wintering, homeowners may not be aware of the infestation for several months. Typically, stink bugs become active again in the spring or on an unusually warm day and may gather on walls or near windows seeking a way out of the house. Once inside the home, stink bugs may be difficult to remove. Orkin recommends using stink bug traps or vacuuming interior spaces, rather than using chemicals to remove the pests.

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