What Are the Steps for Wiring an Ice Maker?


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The steps to installing an ice maker into your refrigerator starts at installing the water lines. Then, you must mount the appropriate valve, connect the water line to the valve, attach the factory fill tube and finally install the ice maker and connect it to the freezer's wiring harness.

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When running a water line to your freezer for an ice maker, turn off the water main first. After this is done, clear the lines by turning on a faucet. Once these actions are complete, it is safe to install the water line. This line must be attached to the cold water, so any water heaters that might run during this process must be shut off.

The ice maker only functions if there is electricity running to your refrigerator, so you must make sure that it is properly wired into the wiring harness and that the appliance is plugged in. Once the ice maker is fully installed, turn the water back on, and begin using your functioning ice maker.

Standalone ice makers are built to be plugged into a wall outlet, and they are usually portable. However, these models still require access to a water line in order to generate ice.

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