What Are the Steps to Troubleshooting a Nondraining LG Tromm Washer?


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The steps to troubleshooting a nondraining LG Tromm washer include inspecting the drain pump for obstructions, checking the drain hose for faults and inspecting the water-pump belt for damage. Appliance owners with no experience in fixing appliances are advised to seek the help of a professional.

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A clogged drain pump can cause a washer not to drain water. The drain pump is responsible for pumping water out of the machine. Appliance owners should begin by inspecting the drain pump for obstructions such as clothing. Next, the pump should be checked for continuity using a multi-meter. The pump needs to be replaced if it is not working.

The next step should be to inspect the drain hose, which allows water to get out of the machine. A faulty drain hose results in the washer not draining. The hose should be checked for clogs, kinks, blockage and bends. Appliance owners should remove the hose and run water through it to ensure that it is working properly. The hose needs to be replaced if it is not letting water through.

Finally, appliance owners should inspect the water pump belt. The belt can cause the machine to stop draining if it is frayed or loose. The belt should be replaced with an exact replica if faulty.

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