What Are the Steps in Restaining Hardwood Floors?


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Refinishing hardwood floors with a new layer of stain requires the complete removal of any existing stain followed by the application of a new coating. According to This Old House, to complete the job, a buffer, vacuum cleaner, water-based stain and paint roller are needed.

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What Are the Steps in Restaining Hardwood Floors?
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  1. Clean the floor thoroughly

    Remove any dirt or debris from the hardwood surface using a wood soap formulated for the type of wood present. Allow the floor to dry completely before continuing.

  2. Remove the existing stain

    Use a buffer to remove any existing stain from the floor or to roughen the floor slightly so that the pores in the wood are open and ready to accept a even staining. Begin the buffering from the center of the room and work out toward the edge. Use a fine or medium-grip sanding pad to remove the stain effectively without damaging the wood.

  3. Vacuum up the dust

    Vacuum up the dust created from the buffering so that the stain goes onto the hardwood surface evenly.

  4. Apply the stain

    Apply a light layer of water-based polyurethane wood stain onto the floor using a roller or a brush. Apply the new stain in lines, overlapping the edges slightly to cover the floor completely. To deepen the stain color, apply multiple layers. Allow each layer to dry for about 3 hours before applying a subsequent layer.

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