What Are the Steps for Replacing a Jenn-Air Cooktop?


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Replace a Jenn-Air cooktop by removing the old cooktop, and installing a new one. In order to install a new cooktop, prepare the area for installation, place the cooktop in the proper location, attach the wires and screw down the burners.

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Remove the old Jenn-Air cooktop by first shutting off the circuit breaker to the kitchen so that there is no power running to the appliance and shutting off the gas valve. Then, unscrew and remove the grills and filter. Remove the ventilation hose. Unscrew the panel to the junction box to ensure the power is off, and remove the wires that connect the cooktop to the junction box. Finally, loosen the gas hose coupling and cooktop brackets so that the cooktop can be removed from the counter.

Prepare the area for the replacement cooktop by making sure that the area is big enough to accommodate the new appliance. If the new cooktop is bigger, measure out and cut the countertop to the necessary depth. Set the cooktop in the prepared area, attach the wires to the junction box, and fasten the ventilation and gas hoses. Attach the grills and burners with screws. Tighten the brackets of the cooktop so that it fastens securely to the counter. Place caulk around the edges, and allow it to set before turning on the cooktop.

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