What Are the Steps in Repairing a Maytag Washer?


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The steps to repairing a Maytag washer include replacing the lid switch, changing the tub bearing and replacing the drive block. The specific steps for repairing Maytag washers depend on the particular problem.

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A washer that does not spin is a common problem, and it is usually caused by a faulty lid switch. Appliance owners should test all the electrical switches for continuity using an Ohm meter. The switches should be replaced as needed to fix the problem. The lid switch can fail either electrically or mechanically.

Next, a washer that is making loud noises is usually caused by a worn tub bearing. Appliance owners should disassemble the unit to get to the tub bearing. It is recommended to replace the complete outer tub and bearing when performing this repair for the best result. People without experience in disassembling washers should contact a professional Maytag appliance repair man to replace the bearing.

Finally, a washer that does not agitate is caused by a worn drive block. The drive block connects the agitator to the transmission, and it causes the machine to agitate. The drive block can get worn over time, and it needs to be replaced to fix the problem. A common symptom of a worn drive block is the agitator moving slightly or not moving at all despite the transmission shaft moving back and forth.

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