What Are the Steps to Repair a Whirlpool Dryer?

Repair steps for a Whirlpool dryer vary depending on the issue, but may include resetting electrical connections for electric dryers, replacing the thermal fuse, replacing the heating element or cleaning out the vent hose. If the problem remains, it is necessary to hire a Whirlpool repair technician.

If the dryer does not turn on, the owner should check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit, and then use a voltmeter to check for a reading of 240 volts at the electrical outlet. If the wires around the dryer's power cord appear burnt where they connect to the appliance, they may need to be replaced. If clothes don't dry or warm up during the cycle, the thermal fuse may need to be replaced.

After unplugging the device, the owner should remove the back panel to access the fuse and test it using a multitester to ensure the fuse is bad before replacing it. The thermal fuse goes bad when it is triggered by overheating, so it is important to find the underlying issue in addition to replacing the fuse.

Another reason for a dryer's failed heating is a broken heating element. It is important to make sure the element is properly connected, and to replace it if it is faulty. If the dryer is overheating, it is necessary to clean the accumulated lint from the vent hose and the wall exhaust outlet. Homeowners may also need to replace a bad drum seal, operating thermostat or heater coil.