What Are the Steps in Planting Corn?

What Are the Steps in Planting Corn?

Corn should not be started indoors. The gardener should prepare the soil a while before the corn is actually planted. The soil needs to be amended with compost and then allowed to rest over the winter.

The soil also needs to be able to drain well, and the area needs full sun. Corn prefers soil that is just slightly acidic.

Plant the seeds two weeks after the last frost date in the area. A soil temperature of over 60 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal, and if the corn is being grown in a cooler climate, an application of black plastic should bring the soil up to temperature. Poke holes in the plastic, and plant the seeds through them.

Plant the seeds 4 to 6 inches apart and an inch deep. The rows should be from 30 to 36 inches long and should be arranged in blocks to encourage pollination. The gardener should plant four smaller rows instead of two long rows. She should add fertilizer if she is concerned that the soil isn't fertile enough. The seeds should then be covered up and deeply watered.

The plants should be thinned when they're about 3 or 4 inches tall, and the gardener needs to take care that the plant's shallow roots aren't damaged. Make sure the soil stays moist, and water more frequently during dry spells.