What Are the Steps in Painting Oak Cabinets?


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To paint oak cupboards, remove the doors, and remove all the hardware. Sand all the doors and the boxes with two different grades of sandpaper, then seal the wood. Paint with two coats of durable paint.

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  1. Prepare a workspace

    This area needs to be well-ventilated and clean. It also needs to be available for several days to allow for sanding, sealing and painting.

  2. Remove the cupboard doors from the cabinets

    Remove all the hinges by unscrewing them from the cupboard boxes and the doors. Remove the handles and pulls. Those can be cleaned and even painted to use again, if desired. New hardware can be purchased, too.

  3. Sand the doors and the boxes

    Start with a coarse grit of sandpaper to remove the old varnish, then use a finer grit to finish and to create a smooth base for the new paint.

  4. Clean the sanded surfaces

    Vacuum every sanded surface thoroughly with a soft brush. Go over the surfaces again with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dust. Pay special attention to the corners or raised edges.

  5. Seal the pores

    Use either a wood pore filler or a liquid sanding sealer. Choose based on personal preference, the quality of the wood and the type of paint you are going to use. Follow the instructions for the product. Sand again if necessary, and wipe up any dust or debris.

  6. Paint all the surfaces

    Choose a paint that can hold up under heavy use. Paint one coat, and allow it to dry completely. Paint another coat. Allow it to dry.

  7. Reattach all the doors

    Attach the doors to the boxes with new or cleaned hinges. Screw all the handles and pulls onto the doors.

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