What Are the Steps for Laying Sod?

The steps for laying sod are preparing the soil, leveling the ground, laying out the rolls of sod and tamping down the grass. Install the sod one row at a time, butting the pieces next to previous pieces so the seams aren't noticeable.

Weed-free, loose soil with plenty of nutrients provides a healthy place for the sod to grow. Use a rototiller to a depth of 6 to 8 inches to loosen the soil. Add 2 inches of compost with the rototiller to increase the nutrients in the soil. A soil test helps determine if the lawn needs other amendments, such as lime or fertilizer.

Use a rake to level the soil and find any rocks. Rake the soil to disperse it evenly. Remove any rocks or other debris from the lawn.

Sod installation typically starts on the longest, straightest edge of the lawn. Place the first row of sod along this edge, starting in one corner and working across the area. Smooth the sod so it has contact with the soil underneath. Avoid walking on the sod while installing it. Cut off any excess sod when you get to the end of the row.

On the next row, stagger the edges of the sod rolls so that they look similar to bricks. Continue working across the lawn until it is all covered.

Water the newly installed sod right away. Continue watering every day for the first week. Water the sod every other day in week two. Stay off the lawn as much as possible for the first week.