What Are the Steps Involved With Installing a Lock on a Refrigerator Door?


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The steps involved in installing a refrigerator door lock include cleaning the refrigerator, applying lock hinges and attaching the lock. However, this procedure may vary from one refrigerator model to another. To avoid damaging the unit, avoid buying a lock that requires you to drill the refrigerator.

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Cleaning the refrigerator helps prevent the lock from peeling off after installation. The process involves soaking a clean rag with rubbing alcohol and scrubbing the front and side of the unit where the hinges should be attached with the soaked rag to remove dirt and grime. For better results, an eraser should be used to clean a refrigerator with an excessive amount of grime. Once the surface is clean, let the rubbing alcohol dry before proceeding.

To apply the hinges, one of the refrigerator lock hinges should be held and pressed against the side of the refrigerator until it sticks. The remaining hinge should be attached to the refrigerator door where it interlocks with the other hinge and be pressed against the door. The adhesive should be allowed to set for one hour, before firmly tugging the hinges to ascertain that they are securely attached to the unit. Attaching the lock to the hinges completes this process.

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