What Are Some Steps Involved in Drip System Repair?


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The steps involved in drip system repair include removing faulty emitters, installing new emitters, repairing the leaking section of the irrigation hose and washing the main filter. You need compression emitters, polybutylene tubing, a utility knife and drip emitters to complete the project.

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Remove all damaged emitters from the system, and discard them. Use a utility knife to cut off the emitter if it is fused to a 1/4-inch tubing. Be sure to plug the holes after pulling out the emitters. Turn on water to swill sediments out of the drip system and locate leaks. Find new emitters of the same type as the old ones, and install them. Turn off water.

Cut out the leaking part of the tubing with a utility knife, measure the leaking section, and dispose of it. Fix compression couplings to both ends of the cut tubing, and fix a polybutylene tubing of the same size as the removed pipe, tightening the joints properly. Unfasten the filter cup, pry out the filter, and wash it with clean water. Be sure to replace the filter with a new one if it is very dirty.

Turn on water, then test the system. Make sure that you replace the timer batteries if necessary. Cover the hoses with soil.

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