What Are the Steps Involved in Adjusting a Freezer Setting?


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Adjusting the knob that controls freezer temperature to a higher number raises the temperature, while moving it to a lower number reduces the temperature. The desired freezer setting depends on the number of items stored in the freezer, the individual model and the type of foods kept frozen.

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Open the freezer door to find the temperature settings. In some refrigerator-freezer combination units, the adjustment dials for both sections are in the refrigerator. Turn the knob one number or unit in the direction of desired temperature change. Wait an hour or so to see if the change has led to the desired temperature in the freezer. If not, adjust the knob again. The freezer needs time to adjust to the new setting before you know whether additional changes are necessary.

Freezers that have more items in them do not need to be kept as cold, as each frozen item serves as a cold pack to keep things around them colder as well. If most of the items in the freezer are meats or ice-cream containers, a lower setting is often desirable to maintain freshness. Keep a thermometer in the freezer if you want to know the temperature to which the various settings on the adjustment dial correspond.

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