What Are the Steps to Installing Window Insulation Film?

What Are the Steps to Installing Window Insulation Film?

To install window insulation film, choose a day with the right type of weather, clean the window, make the film solution, apply the film and cut off the excess. Use a squeegee to remove air bubbles and apply more solution.

  1. Gather your supplies

    Purchase your choice of window film insulation. Pick up a spray bottle, distilled water, dish soap, a squeegee, window cleaner, paper towels and a utility knife.

  2. Choose the right day

    Perform the installation of insulated window film on a day when the temperature is above freezing but the sun is not shining. This prevents the solution from freezing or evaporating.

  3. Clean the window

    Wash the window with window cleaner and paper towels. Allow the window to dry completely before moving forward.

  4. Mix the solution

    Pour some distilled water into the spray bottle and mix in a little dish soap.

  5. Apply the film

    Spray the window with the soap and water mixture and then apply the film.

  6. Cut off the excess film

    Use the utility knife to cut off extra film. Prevent unevenness by holding the film still as you’re cutting it.

  7. Remove air bubbles

    Run the squeegee over the film to remove all the air bubbles. Some of the solution may run out on the sides of the film.

  8. Add more solution

    Spray the film with a little more soap and water solution. And allow it to dry.